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Crossover with Style –Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4

With the arrival of a diesel hybrid engine can the Peugeot 3008 really deliver on the seductive promise of off road capability, performance and economy?

Over the past two years the crossover car has been steadily stealing SUV and MPV buyers in significant numbers.  These vehicles promise SUV looks without the crippling fuel consumption. Peugeot’s award- winning 3008 Crossover has been one of the most successful since it was introduced in 2009 and was Irish Car of the Year 2010.  Now this crossover breaks new ground with their Diesel Hybrid, the first such hybrid in the world. While petrol hybrids have been around for some time the advent of a diesel one has taken far longer. However  as diesels are more economical with much lower emissions, the wait for a Hybrid version should be rewarded with much great efficiency than ever achieved by a petrol hybrid.

Test Car 
In contrast to petrol hybrids Peugeot’s electric motor is mounted on the rear axle. Power comes from two sources; 122kW (163bhp) from the 2.0 litre HDi diesel engine and 27kW (37 bhp) from the electric motor giving a combined power of 149kW (200 bhp) which is considerable amount given an emission figure of 104g and a potential fuel economy figure of 3.8 litres per 100km (74.4mpg). There are two versions to choose from a 99g/km and a 104g/km version. Our test car was the 104g/km.

On The Road
On the road the car is good to drive and handles wells with minimal body roll when cornering.  It feels more MPV than sports car but it is composed and refined. The automatic gearbox is slightly annoying and works not as a regular autogear box but once you get to grips with how it works and adapt your driving style to it, the results are far smoother.

The car has four different operating modes: ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle), Four-wheel drive, Auto and Sport. Each are selected from a rotary dial in the centre console. In Auto, the default mode the entire system is automatically controlled, including operation of the HDi diesel engine and the electric motor. This is optimal driving for fuel consumption and dynamic performance. The ZEV mode is for short drives only and is an electric-only mode. In the four wheel drive mode the rear wheels are driven by the electric motor and the front wheels by the HDi diesel engine. Finally in the sport mode a blend of the diesel engine with the electric motor provides more dynamic performance and directs power to all four wheels depending on requirements.

There are two versions of the 3008 Hybrid4 to choose from; the 99g is priced at €36,995 and the 104g at €38,695. Fuel economy is an incredible 3.8 litres per 100km on a combined cycle. We never managed anything near this for the week we drove it, as the harder you drive the car the more it punishes you in terms of fuel economy. 

Behind the enormous steering wheel is a good driving position and excellent all round visibility. Everything is clearly laid out and easy to use. The overall feeling is one of supreme comfort; from the soft leather to the chrome-like interior it all feels expensive and classy. The Head Up Display means that essential driving information is displayed (speed and regulator / speed limiter) in a way that allows the driver to see them without taking their eyes off the road. It also provides reassurance that the car is actually switched on, a fact that is impossible to determine by noise alone.

The Peugeot 3008 combines the best aspects of an SUV, MPV and a regular hatchback and is a very clever car. Inside it is beautifully finished,  it’s good to drive, has incredible space and now with the diesel hybrid engine it is truly impressive car. 

Why you’ll buy one? Economical; Versatile; Spacious

Why you won’t? It’s a tad plain on the outside, but seriously we’re struggling to find a real reason. 

Competitors:  Opel Ampera; Chevrolet Volt 

LAST WORD: The Peugeot 3008 offers versatility and value in equal measure and is one of the most inspired cars around. 

Engine: 1997cc diesel engine putting out 122kW @ 3,850rpm and 300Nm of torque combined with a 27Kw electric motor Transmission is a six-speed robotised automatic gearbox 

Max speed: 191km/h 

0-100km/h: 8.5 seconds 

Emissions (motor tax): 104g/km (€160) 

Starting price: €36,995 

 Model price range: €36,995 – €38,695 

No of Doors:  

Euro NCAP:  

Fuel type:  Diesel/Electric

Fuel Economy (combined cycle): 3.8 litres per 100 km 

 Boot Capacity Seats up (seats down):   354 litres (1435 litres)


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