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ECOmove’s QBEAK electric car set to launch in 2012

The Danish EV concept developer and manufacturer, ECOmove, have taken another step towards realizing the goal of launching their first EV in 2012. ECOmove´s designers and engineers have rethought the e-car concept from scratch, and the result is a unique and handy city car formed and equipped as a future means of transportation. For the first time ECOmove now presents the full-body model of QBEAK.

In 2012 ECOmove will send the first QBEAK-EV’s out on the roads. From the very beginning of the development process expectations for the launch have been enormous among those who already know ECOmove’s level of ambition and are now waiting excitedly to see the real life EV in action.

QBEAK is made from non-corrosive materials that can sustain minor crashes. The result is a sturdy and robust vehicle with a weight of approximately 400 kg. Even loaded with batteries allowing the full range of app 300 km the total weight is considerable lower than comparable cars.

With a length of just 3 meters QBEAK has 1-6 removable seats or a large trunk (with space to fit a Euro-pallet in the trunk along with 3 seats). The car is also highly flexible in terms of interior and exterior design and finish options whilst batteries are available in removable modules (from 1-6 modules) allowing a driving range of up to 300 km.

The short body length and its sliding side doors makes parking and driving easy, even in busy urban environments. The driver’s seat is located in the middle allowing you to choose which side to get in or out

Facts about QBEAK:

  • Top speed 120 km/h
  • Range up to 300 km
  • Weight approximately 400 kg (without energy modules)
  • Length 3 meters
  • 1-6 removable seats
  • In wheel motor units

26th July, 2012

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