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Mercedes Benz’s First Luxury Diesel Hybrid

The new diesel-powered Mercedes Benz E 300 BlueTec Hybrid will be available here in the next few weeks.

According to Mercedes Benz this is the world’s most economical luxury-class model. The new E300 Hybrid delivers fuel consumption of just 4.2-litres of diesel per 100km – a return close to 70 miles per gallon in old terms – and low emissions of just 109g CO2/km.
Available in saloon and estate, the E300 Hybrid combines the power of a 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel engine developing 204 bhp with the energy of a 20 kW electric motor.
Powered and charged by its own motion, without need of any external charging points, and unrestricted in terms of driving distance, the E300 Hybrid is a self-contained unit that links the fuel economy of a diesel engine over long distances with the advantages of an efficient hybrid in city and stop/go traffic. The car can also be driven under electric power alone.
Based on the E250CDI – which has a price tag of €47,500 – the new E300 Hybrid is expected to launch here at a price some ten percent above this figure with annual road tax of just €160.

27th July, 2012

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